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David Justin Miller - What to do When You Visit Lake Austin, Texas

David Justin Miller is a student at Texas Christian University currently studying for his Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He was born and raised in Austin, Texas and lived near Lake Austin. As a youngster, he enjoyed catching exotic reptiles and spiders such as tarantulas and alligator lizards and then selling them to pet stores in the area. Having lived in Austin, David Justin Miller shares a couple of interesting things you can do when you visit Lake Austin in Texas.

Lake Austin, formerly known as Lake McDonald is a water reservoir on the Colorado River which was formed in 1939 by the construction of the Tom Miller Dam. It is one of the seven Highland Lakes created by the Lower Colorado River Authority and is used for electrical power generation, flood control, and recreation.

David Justin Miller

Lake Austin is a popular boating and fishing destination for families and groups in the area because of its large stock of largemouth bass. A boat ride on Lake Austin will allow you to see some amazing million dollar homes along the lake, ski on the water, and enjoy some delicious food at some top restaurants in the area. After spending a day at Lake Austin, you might want to head out to one of the popular music spots in town. Austin is called the music capital of Texas and some of the places you might want to check out are; The Continental Club, Shady Grove, Carlos & Charles, Greune Hall, and The Oasis for some great music.

David Justin Miller grew up in Austin, Texas near Lake Austin.

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