David Justin Miller

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David Justin Miller - What it Means to Study Business

David Justin Miller grew up in Austin, Texas and attended Regents School of Austin until his eighth grade. He then transferred to Westlake High School and took part in the information technology school mentorship program, and the school’s nationally acclaimed physics program. David Justin Miller is currently studying to receive his Bachelor of Business Administration at Texas Christian University. Here’s what it means to study business.

David Justin MillerBuilding a career in business is more diverse that what people realize. It can give you the necessary skills to get into marketing, management, international commerce, arts, healthcare, government and various other fields. Business principles are the backbone of political, economic and social systems, and with a degree in business administration, you will have access to a wide range of industries. Furthermore, if you are looking to start your own business, an education in business administration will be beneficial to you. Many students who start with an undergraduate degree in business administration proceed to graduate school for an MBA. If you are already working in an administrative position, taking an online college course to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration will help you climb the corporate ladder.

A business degree will give you a broad exposure to the various elements that make a business function well. While it does not provide you the specialization in a particular field such as a degree in finance or accounting, it does provide you a general approach to functions in the business world.

David Justin Miller is expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in May 2017.

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