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David Justin Miller - Tips For Starting A YouTube Channel

David Justin Miller was able to start a successful YouTube channel in 2008 that eventually went on to earn approximately $5,000 in profit per month from AdSense. Many people make the mistake of making their own channels with the intention of making money from them, only to put little actual effort into their channel’s development. These pointers should help anybody who is new to the platform.

Keep Creating Content

It is very rare for a channel to gain instant recognition, which can be slightly disheartening for people who think they may be able to make some quick money using YouTube. Instead, make sure to create quality content on a consistent basis and you should start to find that your channel picks up steam over time.

Don’t Worry About Others

There are likely going to be many other people on YouTube who are creating content that covers the same subject matter that you channel focuses on. While it can be good to take some inspiration from such channels, it is unwise to focus too heavily on people who are enjoying more success than you. Instead, place your energies into improving your own content and offering something unique.

Get Good Audio

While working on his YouTube channel, David Justin Miller developed a greater understanding of the importance of good film equipment. While you will likely be able to get away with low-resolution video, especially if your content is good, poor sound can ruin videos regardless of their visual quality. Invest in good audio equipment to make sure you don’t experience this problem.


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