David Justin Miller

Fraternity Treasurer

David Justin Miller - Tips For Creating A Great Study Areas

As a student at Texas Christian University, David Justin Miller understands the importance of creating a good study area when revising for his exams. The place where you study can play a major role in how well you do once it is time to actually take your tests, so do all of the following to make sure yours is as good as possible.

David Justin Miller

Get Rid of Distractions

Many students, especially those who are living in college dorms, end up studying in their bedrooms. Unfortunately, doing so can provide a whole range of distractions, from the television through to your cellphone. If you can’t remove them, make sure that they are all turned off so you are less tempted to take your focus away from your work.

Hang A Schedule Up

One of the best tips for effective studying is to create a schedule that allows you to focus on the areas where you are struggling most. To complete the overall feel of your study area, make sure that you hang this schedule up somewhere so that you can check it quickly and know exactly where you should be in terms of what you are studying.

Have Plenty of Light

Many college students, like David Justin Miller, end up studying in the evenings as their daytimes are taken up by lessons or part-time jobs. As such, it is important to ensure that your study area contains plenty of light sources. A lack of light will make it much harder to read your notes, which contributes to fatigue and limits your ability to absorb new knowledge.


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