David Justin Miller

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David Justin Miller - Tips For Being Successful on YouTube

For every success story that you hear about on YouTube, there are literally thousands of other content producers who struggle to make any money using the platform. David Justin Miller points out that this should not discourage you from producing your own videos, but it is important to keep all of the following in mind if you are going to have a good chance at being a success.

David Justin Miller


You need to understand the topics act as the basis for your videos in-depth, else commenters will point out issues with your credibility that could lead to people unsubscribing from your channel. Before you upload a video, make sure that all of the research required to make it is accurate and that there is nothing in the video that could damage your credibility.

Stay Active

Offering viewers consistent content, both in terms of quality and regularity, is important to be successful on YouTube. If you don’t stay active and allow your page to grow stagnant, people will quickly lose interest and you will struggle to gain subscribers. Create a video schedule that gives you something to focus on and stick to.

Encourage Engagement

Every video you produce should encourage the viewer to engage with something. David Justin Miller points out that this could range from asking people to subscribe to your channel through to prompting them to visit a website. Whatever it is, the key is that you are encouraging your viewers to interact with you, thus improving their connection to your brand.

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