David Justin Miller

Fraternity Treasurer

David Justin Miller - Mistakes The Many New College Students Make

David Justin Miller is currently studying for his degree in Business Administration at Texas Christian University and aims to graduate in May 2017. As a more experienced college student, he recognizes that many people who have just left high school are prone to making a number of mistakes when they start their journeys into further education. These blunders should be avoided if you want to make the most of your first year in college.

David Justin MillerNot Taking Responsibility

College education differs from anything that you may have experienced in your younger years because you are expected to assume a certain amount of personal responsibility. Remember that your education is in your hands now, so make an effort to research your syllabus and turn up to all of your lectures. It is unlikely that you will get chased too hard if you don’t, which often results in wasted college tuition.

Not Making Friends Quickly

While it may be difficult for some to form bonds with others, it is still important that you develop a support group while in college, especially if you have moved away from home. Your friends will be able to help you study and offer guidance in all sorts of issues, so don’t be anti-social if you can help it.

Not Checking Assignments

David Justin Miller makes sure to read over every assignment he submits as he understands that little mistakes can be costly. New students occasionally fail to adapt to the higher standards expected of them in college and many professors will have little patience for papers that are riddled with errors.


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