David Justin Miller

Fraternity Treasurer

Blog posts May 2016

David Justin Miller - Mistakes The Many New College Students Make

David Justin Miller is currently studying for his degree in Business Administration at Texas Christian University and aims to graduate in May 2017. As a more experienced college student, he recognizes that many people who have just left high school are prone to making a number of mistakes when they …

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David Justin Miller - Tips For Starting A YouTube Channel

David Justin Miller was able to start a successful YouTube channel in 2008 that eventually went on to earn approximately $5,000 in profit per month from AdSense. Many people make the mistake of making their own channels with the intention of making money from them, only to put little actual effort i…

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David Justin Miller - Tips For Creating A Great Study Areas

As a student at Texas Christian University, David Justin Miller understands the importance of creating a good study area when revising for his exams. The place where you study can play a major role in how well you do once it is time to actually take your tests, so do all of the following to make sur…

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